Charles G. Hollins is a digital innovator, university instructor, and international convention speaker with an extensive background in Web and mobile technology. 

A year before the release of the first commercial Web browser, Charles developed and deployed a Web-based system for managing government documents. He has since gained a wealth of industry experience working for and consulting with organizations such as Los Angeles County, the United Nations World Food Program, Toyota, Fox Entertainment, and Myspace.
Since developing UCLA’s first course covering Web Technology in 1994, Charles has taught over 150 courses that highlight the application of technology in art, design, education, business, marketing, and entertainment.

During his 6 years at Myspace, Mr. Hollins managed the development of the content management system used to deploy interactive campaigns for music labels, movie studios and other entertainment companies. He later led the Social Programming unit in spearheading cross-platform digital marketing initiatives and platforms.

Charles has written, directed and produced several short films distributed on the Web and to mobile devices on the Sprint mobile network. He also created a transmedia story called “Five Photographs”, a cross-platform adventure which unfolds in real-time over a one week period through Web sites, social networks, digital media, SMS, and live challenges.

Mr. Hollins was a judge for the 2003 FlashForward Film Festival in New York and a speaker at several conventions, including the first Internet World convention in Southeast Asia, Digital Hollywood, and the International Content Creators Convention in Korea.

Charles founded Digital Ensight in 2012 to pursue is passion of helping individuals, groups and companies use digital technology in practical and innovative ways.